My first submission!

2010-06-16 14:21:18 by CanineHybrid

And you thought I my Newgrounds account was dead! (well, actually it kinda was...)

The important thing is that I'm now back and with a brand new animation project about athropomorphic boxes with giant teeth. What could be better than that? Anyhow finals week forced me to work on animations so I'll be getting more stuff up here over the year. Stay tuned!


Well... here I am

2009-02-12 23:15:21 by CanineHybrid

So I finally joined Newgrounds.

I've been wanting to work on all my Flash skills again, it's been awhile since I've touched it. I've got plenty of Flash animations ideas to start on... unfortunately I lost all my old Flash movies because some idiot took my backup data dvd when I left it in a public computer and the original copies on my family's network drive were deleted by my dad when I left for college. Soooo, I have to start fresh.

The first thing on my list is to create a nice preloader and splash screen for all my videos then hopefully you'll start seeing some things from me. Got a few projects I'm collaborating on with my brother; we've been developing stuff for a good 3 years or so and hopefully I'll get around to animating them all.

My first animation however is going to be a collab between me and my bestest buddy eva (also my roomate) about our awesome adventures on the couch and all based on true stories. It will be awesome but full of inside jokes that only .00001 of the world's population would understand... but that's just because we're awesome like that. :]

Nah, it will be fun.

So I just want to say hello Newgrounds and let you know that I'll be getting some stuff up here in a few months. I am an animation student after all; animation is in my blood! I can't not animate stuff! (...well, actually <<)

Peace yo!
-Riley (CanineHybrid)